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ZubHub Takes the Stage at the 2024 International Steam Summit

Rudrani Ghosh

In 2020, ZubHub began as a weekend project, a small endeavor we began without any grand expectations. At the time, we had taken a few tinkering workshops in collaboration with Agastya International Foundation and other smaller educational organizations in Gujarat and simply recognized a need for a platform where STEAM-based tinkering projects could be preserved, showcased, and given a wider audience.

Fast Forward four years, ZubHub now has a reach of 5000 users. Our platform keeps growing, making slow but steady strides in the STEAM community.

This month, we reached an exciting milestone by being accepted to participate in the prestigious International STEAM Summit hosted by Wonder Workshop. Wonder Workshop is an education and robotics startup based in the United States, who hosts the International STEAM summit, a bi-annual virtual summit, where speakers are invited from all over the globe to share their expertise and guidance regarding STEAM education.  

During our 30-minute session, which had 255 registrations, we had the opportunity to highlight some of the unique features of ZubHub, share the inspiration and development process behind our platform, and recount a few heartwarming stories from our field experiences. We also posed some pertinent questions about the platform to educators, encouraging them to consider how they would incorporate ZubHub in a classroom, how ZubHub could revolutionize classrooms, hackerspaces, libraries, and beyond, what existing gaps ZubHub could address in educational settings, and how ZubHub might maximize untapped opportunities in educational settings.

We were featured alongside other amazing talks that spoke about interesting ideas, such as teaching children the concepts of coding without increasing their screen time, STEAM workshops using Scratch and Makey Makey, or how making can help with students’ mental health.

More details about the session:

Link to the recording:

If you are an educator or a tinkering enthusiast, how do you envision ZubHub being used in a classroom setting? Email us at We would love to hear your thoughts!

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