Creative Learning

Hi 👋

We are a team of 4 humans (designers, developers, educators, lifelong learners, and researchers), geographically dispersed across three continents (Asia, Africa, and North America). Our core team consists of two individuals working for technology companies in the San Francisco Bay Area. One of them works at an educational non-profit, and the other works for a technology start-up.

Srishti Sethi, Co-Designer

Suchakra Sharma, Co-Designer

Mihir Pathak, Learning Facilitator

Ndibe Raymond Olisaemeka, Full-stack Software Developer

Explore our latest blog posts and projects to learn what we are currently up to! All our work is open source and available under MIT and/or CC-BY-SA license on Github.

If you have some amazing ideas and want to share your opinions, reach out to us: