Creative Learning

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We are a team of designers, developers, educators, lifelong learners, and researchers geographically dispersed across three continents (Asia, Africa, and North America).

Core Team

Srishti Sethi, Co-Founder & Director of Learning; MIT alum

Suchakra Sharma, Co-Founder & Director of Technology; PhD Computer Science

Mihir Pathak, Learning Partner

Ndibe Raymond Olisaemeka, Full-stack Software Developer

Volunteers & Interns

Sarah Rodlund, Grants Manager

Rohee Shah, Learning Facilitator

Sonal Baxi, Content Translator

Astha Sethi, Media & Design Fellow

Nikita Gandhi, Tinker Fellow

Nikil Augustine, Tinker Fellow

Mentors & Advisors

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Tiffany Tseng, Research Scientist, Apple; MIT alum

Rajesh Nair, Founder, Encube Labs; Former Professor of Practice, Innovation & Entrepreneurship, Asia School of Business; MIT alum

Dr. Prashant Patil, Founder, Semiconductor Stealth Startup; MIT alum

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