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My first workshop experience as an Unstructured Studio educator

Ndidi Folasade Ogboi

Sometime in April of this year, I came across a post by Unstructured Studio on my LinkedIn timeline. A connection had reposted one of their posts that I found interesting, and that led me to explore their website and watch their project videos.

A Shared Passion

As I clicked through to the website, I was immediately intrigued. The showcased projects were more than just creative endeavors; they were solutions to real-world problems. Unstructured Studio was making a tangible impact. What I saw resonated deeply with me, as I had been looking for opportunities to volunteer in education and children's needs. The initiative's mission to empower children through creativity and innovation to solve a pressing problem in education aligned perfectly with my community service goals and I knew I had to be a part of it.

The Workshop Experience

I quickly reached out to their Learning program manager, Rudrani Ghosh, who graciously acquainted me with their team, and I began to plan my first workshop. I took the first workshop at ADS Basic School in Ogbomoso town in south western Nigeria, where I had just finished my First Degree. I had the privilege of working with a group of 26 children. The kids were filled with curiosity when I first told them they could be anything they wanted to be and that the power was solely in their hands. I encouraged them to see the extraordinary in everyday objects—to transform mundane items into art. And they did just that! Simple materials like cardboard, broomsticks, leaves, and used water sachets became their tools for self-expression.

Energy and Enthusiasm

The energy in the room was palpable, and the kids were fully engaged in the activity; they didn’t tire. They created fun portraits in various forms, all from humble materials. Their enthusiasm was contagious, and I found myself equally invigorated. After the activities, it was time to upload their project on Zubhub. For the kids, uploading to the platform was a fun process in itself, as it was their first time operating a laptop; I let them do it their way, and they successfully managed it.

More to Come

For me, this was more than a workshop; it was purpose. Seeing those bright faces light up as they crafted their masterpieces was priceless. I realized that I could contribute to something greater than myself. Unstructured Studio isn’t just nurturing creativity; its initiative builds confidence and resilience in these children, and I commit to this. As I reflect on that day, I know that I will be conducting more workshops in other states, spreading the joy and creativity this initiative embodies. I am excited to see the impact that Unstructured Studio will continue to have on the lives of children, and I look forward to being a part of this journey.

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