Creative Learning

Tod Fod Jod Workshops

We conduct offline and online workshops to engage young children from under-resourced settings in low-cost tinkering. For educators, we organize capacity-building / facilitation-training workshops to empower them to facilitate tinkering activities both within and outside the classroom.

In these workshops:

  • We provide semi-structured and localized guides on tinkering activities that we design with cultural relevance, affordability, and accessibility in mind.
  • Support active facilitation in-person and through various communication mediums in case of remote workshops.
  • Provide tools and formats for participants to document, share and collaborate on projects with their peers effectively.

Watch the recording below from one of our capacity-building workshops and the workshop material here.

We work with local partners, schools, NGOs, and individuals interested in supporting children in tinkering, willing to exchange new ideas around facilitation tips and techniques, giving and receiving feedback on how and where we can improve our methods, resources, and tools.

We conducted a 2-month long tinkering program and simultaneous research to understand the context of the children and educators we design for, the significance of tinkering in their lives, and the resources and tools needed to support them. Check out our detailed report below.

Kriti Program: learning remotely via low-cost making and tinkering!
In the summer of 2020, we launched a new pilot, Kriti Program [/kriti-program/], to engage students from under-resourced environments remotely in low-cost maker activities. In a two month pilot, 77 students from 3 organizations (2 schools and 1 NGO) based in Gujarat, India, participated in eight low…